About Us

The Easterly family has a long heritage in the auction business, and has developed a reputation for being both thorough and honest. Easterly Auction Company was founded with one primary mission….to provide a new and improved “auction” sales program to the general public. Historically, the “auction” process was used to facilitate the sale of goods or property on a specific day. Unfortunately, the perception that an auction typically yields lower selling prices for the seller has made the “auction” a last consideration for many.


Easterly Auction Company has identified the reason that many auctions provide less than optimum results…a failure on the part of both the auctioneer and the seller to properly market the event…a failure to invite enough of the “right” people to attend the auction. When enough of the “right” people attend an auction, many of the items sold bring a higher price than they might have with other traditional selling methods. Who are the “right” people? Those who have both the need to buy the items for sale and the means to pay for them. How does Easterly Auction Company get those people to attend the sale? By using modern marketing techniques that reach the largest potential audiences and inviting them to attend. Internet based advertising, television, direct mail and traditional means (newspaper and magazine) are all part of the Easterly Auction Company marketing plan.


Easterly Auction Company has provided auction services for estate sales, farm sales, home sales, antique, collectables & glass sales, business closure and liquidation sales….and just about anything else you want to consider!


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Meet Mike



Easterly Auction Company is an affiliate member of the Greater Springfield Board of Realtors.

Mike Easterly is a Certified auctioneer, graduating from Missouri Auction School.

Prior to being an auctioneer Mike also completed training with The Professional Ringmen’s Institute.

We are members of the Missouri Professional Auctioneer Association.